Sarah L. Boyd

Barrister & Solicitor

Lawyer practicing immigration and refugee law Accepts Legal Aid Ontario as well as private retainers

News and Updates


  • Refugee claims

    • Initial claims

    • Rehearings of claims

    • Defending applications for vacation or cessation (loss of refugee status)

  • Refugee Appeals at the RAD

  • Immigration Appeals at the IAD

    • Alternative Dispute Resolution and full hearings

    • Misrepresentation allegations

    • Sponsorship appeals

      • Allegations of marriage fraud

      • Income and support issues

    • Residence appeals

    • Criminal inadmissibility

  • Family sponsorship

    • Inside Canada and overseas

    • Spouses, common-law and conjugal partners

    • Children and adopted children

    • Parents and grandparents

    • Other relatives

  • Immigration Division hearings

    • Detention reviews

    • Allegations of criminal inadmissibility

    • Allegations of security issues (organized criminality, membership in an organization, etc)

  • Pre-removal risk assessments

  • Danger opinions

  • Challenging refusals of any kind of application at Federal Court

  • Motions to stay removal

  • Humanitarian and compassionate applications (H&Cs)

    • Inside Canada and overseas

  • Temporary resident applications

    • Student visas/permits

    • Visitor's visas

    • Parent/grandparent SUPERvisas

    • Extensions

  • Overcoming inadmissibility

    • Temporary resident permits (Minister's permits)

    • Rehabilitation and deemed rehabilitation